Moving Forward

Dear Butch,

Friends, family, and people in general change.  We grow, develop, and evolve as individuals.  We become more then our past and the foundation for our future selves.

Right now, you are struggling to accept this change within me.  I am not who I was five, ten, or fifteen years ago.  I have not done a complete overhaul of myself, but I have blossomed (and will continue to do so) reliving a new layer of my being.  Shedding some of the old is only natural as you display the new.  Relationships, careers, hobbies, opinions, morals, and priorities.  The wonderful part of aging is seeing how people you love, like, and even loathe move forward.  What will the shed?  What will they grow?  Like evolution for the spirit.

You are stuck on who I was.  You are constantly expecting me to react and behave in the same way I did when we first meet.  I hate to break it to you, but that person has moved on and has been replaced.  My core has remained in tact, but the rest of me has moved forward.  You have two choices, travel with me or stay stuck in the past.

Ball is in your time travel court, either be stuck in the past or speed forward.




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