Femme Flirting

Dear Butch,

It is ironic how life throws you for a loop.  I proclaim I am going to spend the month boldly flirting and then I become uber shy when I get unexpectly flirted with.  Maybe it was the flirt-y that threw me for the loop, another femme.

Well, maybe I should back up.  I had actually meet this lovely woman a few weeks ago at a mutual friends gathering.  I was refilling my wine glass when she walked up to the table to do the same.  I had immediately noticed her nail polish, a lovely shade of smokey almond, and asked her who the maker was.  After a few minutes of beauty shop talk, she offered to bring me a bottle of the pretty polish at a future gathering.  I declined politely, telling her that I would just look for it the next time I was shopping.  I walked away with my wine glass and a close friend immediately commented that the smokey almond polish femme had been totally flirting with me, but I brushed off the comment.

This weekend I find myself at another gathering, same mutual friend.  I see the smokey almond polish femme from across the room and smile, but do not approach her.  Not for any reason in particular, we had only talked about polish and I didn’t feel the need to the continue the chat.  I worked the room, laughing and catching up.  Feeling like I was being watched, but telling myself it must be crazy.  I had to take a phone call, so I escaped through the empty kitchen to the pantry and when I emerged I found the smokey almond polish femme waiting for me, leaning against the island.  I greeted her warmly and she pulled a bottle of the smokey almond polish from her pocket, took my hand, and pressed it into my palm…not letting go until several heated seconds later.  All of a sudden a rush of warmth and butterflies released itself under my skin.  I had never ever blushed as a result of a gesture by another femme, and I have been overtly hit on by many.  I can’t explain why the simple gesture in the darkened kitchen made me feel like a school girl.  I couldn’t make eye contact with her as I felt her eyes graze my body.  I thanked her, she kissed my cheek, and whispered “Anything for a lady”.  After returning to the party, we spent the rest of the night stealing glances of each other from across the rom.

I never thought I would have so much flirting with my own.  I couldn’t never pursue more, for several reasons, but I am glad I had the experience…and may take the chance to have it again.




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