Old Faithful

Dear Butch,

Flirting is often thought of something one does at the beginning of a relationship.  The shiny lure at the end of the pole to snag the big one…or small one…or medium one…whatever you are in to.

I believe that it is so important to flirt with a long term partner.  If flirting were a scale, 20% should go to attracting a new perspective and 80% should go to keeping a “lifer” happy.  The passion, spice and love in a relationship isn’t up kept by magic.  It takes dedication, content care, and nurturing…like a plant or a puppy.  If you are in it until “death due us part”, then you might as well spend those 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or so years together in a wonderful setting.  And what is a better feeling then having someone show their love and let for you?

Here is my challenge for you (and myself) this week, flirt with your partner.  Hardcore flirt.  Flirt like you are trying to  win their heart all over again.  Because in someways, aren’t we all trying to stay on the winning side of our relationship?



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