Silent Mode

Dear Butch,

You returned to the table we had claimed as our own last night after dancing with a gorgeous redhead.  I immediately pounced on you, as any friend would, asking if you had exchanged numbers with the woman you had spent almost an hour on the dance floor with.  You look at me, puzzled, and say “I don’t think she was into me”.

Classic butch response.

I know that it can be difficult at times to tell when a lady is flirting with you.  You never want to mistake a kind gesture or friendly chat for more then just that.  You have been told that if a woman flips her hair or touches you during conversation she is flirting, but these signs seem generic and confusing.  A hair flip could just mean she is bothered by the way her locks feel on that part of her neck and many folks touch the people they are talking to without any intention behind it.  Flirting can be a confusing game that at times feels clearly played by a party of one, with the other party oblivious or unsure.  So, I think I have found one sure fire way to know if a woman is flirting with you…

Look at/for her phone.

Is it in her hand, screen lit up as she slyly checks the notification?  Or is it tucked away, in a pocket or purse?  If she is truly into you, she will put down the phone and focus on you.  If it rings, she will hit ignore.  If a notification comes through, she will put it on silent.  It is really that simple.  If she is into you and is trying to make it known, she will ignore the beeps and the buzzes.  Combine that with a good hair flip or touch of your arm and you know you are the object of attention.

And yes my darling butch, the redhead was totally into you.  Not only did she touch your lower back and leaned in close to chat over the music, but her phone was in her back pocket and remained untouched even as it lit up through the fabric.




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