Passing Notes

Dear Butch,

Sometimes it isn’t what it is said verbally that win a lady over, but what it is written.  Let me clarify, what is hand written.

My “T-Rex” started leaving notes in my lunch bag this summer, in fact they always came in pairs.  On the top, exposed when you opened the bag was a sweet or supportive sentiment.  A little line or two about how he thought I was beautiful or that he couldn’t wait to kiss me in a few hours.  And then tucked underneath was a kinky note.  Dirty, naughty, sexy notes that made me squirm in my office.  I still have all these notes, tucked away in a drawer along with my panties.  There is something about a hand written note or card that shows a level of effort and desire.  The size of the words, the amount of loops, the heaviness of the print…it is all just so damn sexy.

“T-Rex” also texts me throughout the day.  There are normal texts like reminders to drop off dry cleaning, sweet texts that make my heart melt, and filthy filthy filthy texts.  As much as I love and treasure these, the just aren’t the same.  And, they are so easily lost.  One swipe and they are all gone forever.  You can’t tuck text messages away in a panty drawer, unless that is where you prefer to keep your mobile device.

So buy a card, get out a notepad, or find a post-it.  Find a good pen and write your lady of interest a little note.  Tuck it away someplace she won’t expect and know that you just earned yourself mega brownie points.




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