Happy Hunting

Dear Butch,

I grew up watching, at my own choosing, animal documentaries on public television.  I loved each and every hour long show.  Having this great knowledge of how the animal kingdom worked to my favor when I started dating.  Let me explain…

A predator is most successful catching their prey when they separate them from the herd.  The careful stalking of the herd, selecting the chosen target, and then working the heard at various angles getting exactly what they want.  You my beloved butch, are the predator.  Your movements are much like the animals, except when you eat your prey at the end of the night it doesn’t involve death.  Hopefully.

May I make one recommendation that the nature shows failed to share with their eager young viewer.  Although the hyenas and lions in the plaines of Africa have great success working as a team, you will have a much better chance in separating a lady from her flock of friends if you are working solo.  If you approach a lady in a pack, she will find your advances when you act alone to be romantic and brave.  One butch, approaching a group of woman, with the intention of wooing one is so adorable and old-school it makes my penny loafers squeal in delight.

Mimic the animal, but with the grace of a gentleman, and enjoy the hunt.




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