Surprise Stay-date-cation

Dear Butch,

Tonight, thanks to a series of unexpected turn of events, I had a date at home with my “T-Rex”.  Would that be called a stay-date-cation?

I came home to a lovely home-cooked meal of root veggies and a fake turkey roast, a tasty bottle of wine, and my slippers right at the door.  There were candles lit and the dishes from dinner prep were already done.  The house was picked up and the laundry was not only done but put away.  It was wonderful to sit down and really enjoy a meal.  Just the two of us.  No bar or severs to (kindly) interrupt us.  No friends or family to entertain.  Just me and my wonderful t-man.  After dinner I was treated to my favorite dessert from a local bakery and we watched a movie…well twenty minutes of a movie before we got frisky and fucked with an enormous amount of passion and naughtiness.

In the almost two years we have been together, I can’t recall us having a night like this.  It was like coming home and cuddling in a blanket of security and love, with a side of roasted carrots.  It was perfect, romantic, joyous, refreshing, and included a side of kink.

So for those out there that have a special woman at home, may I STRONGLY recommend creating your own stay-date-cation.  Cook a meal, vacuum the floors, and have her favorite beverage waiting for her when she walks through  the door.  She will be pleasantly surprised to come home to such a scene.  Wouldn’t you?  To rush home to fit in dinner, chores, and possibly a hobby before heading to bed…and then to find that you have time to enjoy your other half with time to spare instead!

Strap on the apron and start planning out a treat for your lady!



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