Gift List 2.0

Dear Butch,

Last year at this time I posted two gift list ideas, one for you breed and one for mine.  They were wildly popular and I received a ton of great feedback from them…which makes my painted toes curl with glee!

This year, I would like to stick with the same theme but add a twist.  What are the best homemade items you would like to receive from your partner this holiday season?

There are several reasons to make gifts for your other half totally trumps buying a gift.  Finances being tough, the love of crafting, or wanting to give a custom item.  The gift could be romantic, edible, silly, informative, silly, or sarcastic.

So, send your ideas my way.  Email me at dearbutchlovefemme(at), post a comment here, or tweet me (at)LoveCommaFemme.  I will take the top ten ideas and post them in next Sunday’s blog.

Get Pinteresting!




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