Shameless Plugs

Dear Butch,

I am using this opportunity to plug to items:

1. For those of you in Minnesota (or in the surrounding states who like to travel), tickets to “The Naked I: Insides Out” (the play featuring one of my posts) are now for sale!  Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets.  Thank you again to Twenty Percent Theatre for loving, choosing, and publishing my work.  I couldn’t be a happy lady.  Please support this great company!

2. I am still collect submissions for this coming Sunday’s post.  I am featuring the top ten DIY gift ideas.  They could be wearable, edible, or fuckable.  Be creative, brag about your past work, and share items you may want to receive yourself. The only rule is that the item must be easy to make with easy to find materials.  Email your ideas to dearbutclovefemme(@) or tweet me (@)LoveCommaFemme.




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