Craft Time!

Dear Butch,

Below are the best ten DIY holiday gifts that were submitted.  Thank you so much to all of those who took the time to send in their ideas.  You will find that almost every genre of craft is cover, so hopefully there is one that you can dive right into!

1. Date Night Jar at

Going on the same dates week after week, month after month?  Have a hard time remembering that new theater or museum that your friends raved about when you finally have a free night to go out on a date?  Then the date jar is a must.  Simple, romantic, and keeps you on your toes for a new adventure!

2. Food Passport at

I should totally make this for my “T-Rex”!  He is a total foodie.  What a fun way to either try new recipes or new restaurants, pending on which your sweetie loves more.  You could make a wine or beer themed passport with room to attach the label.  Or take a tour of all the dive restaurants in your city.  The options are endless.

3. Scratch Off Tickets at

Super simple and be turned super sexy.  Why not turn in this game of lucky into a game of getting lucky!  I would totally make this into a “Choose Your Own Kink Adventure”.

4. Scrapbook at

For those with a more romantic side, create a book of memories for your lady.  Including photos, ticket stubs, or programs.  Or instead of looking forward you could create a scarp book for the upcoming year with room to add to it.  I would love to have something like this on my bedside table.

5. Phone Cover at

This wonderful idea came from a friend of mine with a preschooler and a new baby.  She wanted to show of her kiddos quickly without having to scroll through her photo gallery each time.  She was already decorating her phone scrapbook paper (and a clear cover), but discovered it also works with regular copy paper.  She updates her photo ever few weeks by printing their most recent adorable photo.  You could make a whole collection with fun themes!

6. Hot Chocolate Spoons at

Very basic and easy treat to make.  Plus hot chocolate tends to induce the urge to cuddle, which is always a plus.  Easy to pack in a lunch bag for a quick sweet tooth fix.

7. Custom Game of Love Sheets at

Winner Winner!  I want someone to make these for me.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Worth the effort?  Without a doubt!  I would want these sheets on my bed every night with the die close by.  A little bed-board game is a perfect way to spice up your sex life.  Genius!

9. Sweater Slipper Boots at

I just made these of Thanksgiving with an old sweater that I loved but could no longer wear in public due to holes and a stain.  They are fairly easy to make, the hardest part for me was trying to figure out how much of the sleeve I need to cover the top of my foot.  The end result was a fun pair of gorgeous teal sock slippers that I wear around the house.  A huge bonus to this project is that you still have plenty of sweater left to make a pair of mittens!

10. Natural Honey Face Mask at

This makes sounds so luscious.  And it is made of just two natural ingredients, which is always a bonus.  The mask stores well, just makes sure you keep it is a super sealed container so you don’t attract ants.




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