Thoughts O’Luck

Dear Butch,

I was standing behind you last night at the gas station.  You were purchasing lottery tickets and I was purchasing what turned out to be a decent cup of coffee.  I over-heard your conversation with the clerk, how you could feel luck was on your side and that you were planning on quitting your horrible job at an insurance company.  You had big dreams invested in twenty slips of paper covered in numbers.  It was sweet and idealistic.

I paid for my coffee and continued running errands, thinking about your words regarding luck.  Which got me to wondering, do we have a set amount of luck allowed to us in our lifetimes or is it endless?  I am not sure what my beliefs are when it comes to a higher power, let me put that out there right away.  None of the following is based on a religious doctrine.

If our luck has a limit, should we be careful on what we wish to be lucky at?  For example, if I win the lottery have I used up all my luck and will only someone who is kind of right for me?  Or if I never win a dollar in my life, will I be lucky in my career?  Is it like tokens at an arcade, you only have so many and once they are gone the fun is over?  Should I be careful with my wishes of luck and only use them when I really need them?  And if there is a limit, what is the defined number based off of…good behavior, faith, kindness to others?


Is luck limitless and we should be carefree with it, never worrying about running dry?  Because that would be a fucking lot easier.

Which ever it is, I wish you all the luck in the world my optimistic butch.  I know you didn’t win the jackpot, but I am hoping you are lucky in the very near future.




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