Hello 2014

Dear Butch,

I took last Wednesday off from posting to ring in the New Year with friends and family.  I was surrounded by joy, warmth, and love.  It was pretty fucking amazing.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be big.  With being published in play format and my moving in with T-Rex, I get the sense that the past decade of feeling stuck in a rut is going to gain horsepower and be pushed forward at light speed.

Two years ago I was ready to spend my life as a single woman.  I was planning on buying a two bedroom townhouse in the city and having three dogs.  I was content to live my life independent and sexually free.  I was not going to have my own children, but instead spend copious amounts of time with my nephews and niece.  I was excited to be a free woman, focusing on my career and volunteering.

And then T-Rex came back in my life.  Meeting up at a bar after a more then a decade apart.  Completely crazy twist of fate.  We had been in the same city the whole time, but only recrossed paths after we were both went through horrible break ups.

We are now looking at wedding venues, discussing child rearing theories, and are monogamous…for now.  2012 brought fuck buddies, in 2013 we turned into  couple, and 2014 shit is about to get real with a ring.  In this whirlwind romance, I wonder how true I am staying to my feisty independent roots.  And, what is the right balance?  Compromise is important, but at what point does compromise turn into giving in or taking over.

I welcome the new year and the upcoming changes, I just hope I don’t lose myself in the journey.




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