Winter Project

Dear Butch,

The winter blah is upon us with great force.  Skin is becoming dry and chapped, moods are dampening as the wind howls, and attitudes sink as the snow banks rise.

When the winter blues get you down, power through with a self-improvement project.

Maybe you have a few pounds to lose, you have wanted to update your wardrobe, or finish the basement bathroom project you started over a year ago.  Winter is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or retake up an old habit.  We are all stuck indoors, which slowly turns into cabin fever.  But with a small (or large) task in front of you, your focus turns off of being stuck in a below zero prison and turns it on to making a part of your life better.

For example, I have been noticing that my body has become less bendy during sex.  I have been expressing odd tightness in my hips as tried to please my T-Rex, which has cause me to become distracted during kinky play.  So I looked into yoga classes in my city and found a yoga class that focus on stretching and centering the sexual being.  I have enjoyed attending the very early morning weekly class despite having to sit in vehicle as it groans awake from the cold and then drive the unplowed highways.  I can look past the misery because I have a purpose.

Being distracted with a great project, whether it be to improve yourself or others, is how we all can get through these gray months.  Find something that will give your heart joy, your body a workout, or your brain a challenge.  Just because the earth is sleeping doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Find your winter project today, get started on it tomorrow, and in no time the spring thaw will be upon us.



One thought on “Winter Project

  1. Haha, I enjoyed reading this blog. Great suggestion…I plan to go to the gym more often and go on the elliptical and do more yoga. I also plan on writing a creative journal.

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