Femme Fury

Dear Butch,

I am not sure what is in the air right now.  Post-holiday built up aggression.  Pre-Valentines Day angst.  Winter blues mixed with extreme rage.  Whatever it is, it needs to knock it the fuck off.

I have been through a month of bad customer service experiences.  Big box stores, smaller specialty stores, grocery stores, phone services, and tonight a mechanic.  Each interaction starts with me being a wonderfully polite cilivan and ends with me with a dagger tongue of frustration.

Hell knows no fury like a pissed off femme.

I can put up with a lot of bullshit.  Not something I should be proud of, the amount of crap I can take, but something I am very self-aware of and am taking steps to decrease.  Overall, I am a pretty calm lady.  I chat nicely with staff in stores, always ask how they are, and use my manners that my parents instilled in me.  Remaining calm in stressful situations is my job, literally.  But, like all humans, I have my snapping point.  And unfortunately due to my lack of communicating my frustrations I sometimes unleash with great pent up volume.  Again, something I am working on.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I know that my behavior is much like several femmes I know.  I am not going to precaution you from making us upset…although it isn’t something I would recommend in general.  What I will say is let us get mad.  It is very natural for a butch to step in and defend her lady.  However, sometimes we need to be able to defend ourselves.  Be our reinforcements if needed, but allow us to speak our minds when we are wronged.  We will find the snarky yet controlled way to get our point across without getting hauled off by security.

Allow us to unleash in needed, please.




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