Two Weeks

Dear Butch,

In just two short weeks my little post “Fuck Stereotypes” from April 2012 will be performed as a short play in the “Naked I: Insides Out” series.  This will be taking place in Minneapolis, MN with 20% Theatre Company.

20% Theatre describes themselves as “committed to supporting and vigorously promoting the work of female and transgender theatre artists, and celebrating the unique contribution of these artists to social justice and human rights.”   Could it get any better then that?!?

Please help me celebrate this great accomplishment as a writer!  I will be attending opening night and am looking forward to seeing the audiences reaction to my work.  I have been completely honored to be chosen as one of the featured writers and want to thank the director and actors who are making my 2D words into 3D art.

For those in the area, please consider buying a ticket to one of the shows.  Find more information and purchase tickets at

Insert girly-happy-proud squeal here.




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