Little Thing

Dear Butch,

It is the little things that can make or break a day.

Getting into a fight before heading to work.  A sweet voicemail waiting for you after your lunch break.  A stressful interaction with a boss.  Non-existence traffic on your way home.  Bills stuffed in the mailbox.  Chocolate cake freshly frosted for dessert.

Today, you could be that little thing.

Each day we decide, consciously or unconsciously, how we are going to change someone’s day…week…year…life.  With each small interaction with either a stranger or familiar face, we are impacting another human.  One push in the wrong direction could cause an emotional breakdown or a great sense of joy.  You will be someone’s little thing today; whether you like it or not, or think it is fair.  Will you choose to live your life being a positive attribute or walk through your day thinking you are not responsible for others reactions to your actions?

The choice is really yours.



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