Femme Encounter

Dear Butch,

This past Friday night, I made the boldest move to date as an anonymous blogger.  I introduced myself to a fan.

T-Rex and I were in Minneapolis for the premiere of “Naked I: Insides Out”, the play that one of my posts was chosen to be part of (see one of several previous posts for more information or visit http://www.tctwentypercent.org/season.html).  After the play, which was FANTASTIC BY THE WAY, there was a party to celebrate opening night.  I had noticed there was a gorgeous butch / femme couple across the room, coordinating in grey and pink fancy outfits.  I whispered to T-Rex “That couple is the walking-talking-breathing version of my blog”.  I wanted to approach them and ask what they thought of the play overall, but couldn’t muster up the courage to do so.  A few moments later, the director of my play came up to me and told me that the exact femme I was admiring earlier was a fan of mine and encouraged me to introduce myself.  I protested at first, asking if T-Rex could go in my place.  But with a little encouragement and a swig of white wine, I walked over.  I complimented the femme on her lovely shoes and then uttered words I thought I would never say out loud “I heard you follow me on Twitter.”  Her eyes lit up like a thousand candles.  Our conversation was sweet, touching, and comfortable.  I felt like I was talking to an old friend over tea.

To the femme in the pink shoes, thank you.  After our lovely intimate conversion, you made me realize what a difference I am making with my work.  I am making the femme voice heard loud and clear.  Fuck yeah!




4 thoughts on “Femme Encounter

  1. I found your blog via The Naked I, as it happens, and I just want to tell you that “Fuck Stereotypes” made me both cheer out loud (quietly, but still out loud!) and tear up a bit. I’ve had variations of that conversation so many times — I don’t look queer, or queer enough; I should dress differently or present differently so that I “look” queer. So, thank you for writing that, and for submitting it! I loved it!

    • Dear Liz,

      Thank you for supporting Naked I, 20% Theatre, and yours truly. I am so glad you could connect to my piece. I wanted to put it out to make others in our boat not feel alone or unjustified.


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