Sucking In

Dear Butch,

I believe in keeping the magic in a relationship.  The sexual magic for those lost in translation.  This ritual or preserving a lovely sexual relationship involves simple tasks like closing the bathroom door, removing self-proclaimed “unsightly” body hair in private, and not allowing anyone to view a lady putting on any item of support clothing that involves spandex.

Pantyhose.  Nylons.  Tights.  Foundation pieces.  Shapewear.  Etc.

This sacred dance of controlling ones own body by wrangling it with a man made material is one that should not be viewed by those we lust/love.  No matter a woman’s body size or shape, this uncoordinated writhing of body parts can be embarassing and unsettling.  There is cursing, hopping, and strange hip wiggles.  This is especially true if a shower or application of lotion has just occured.

It has always amazed me how something so unsexy and complicated to put on is one of the appealing and easy to remove.  In fact I just gave myself a lady boner thinking about it.  Even though my curves (on top of curves) let out a giant sigh when my articles are removed and I am left with imprints and odd sweat marks, I would always choose removal over application if faced with an ultimatum.

Keep the magic, remove yourself when the compression comes out.




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