Simply Blessed

Dear Butch,

I have wonderful people in my life.  Friends, family, and all of you.  Tonight I want to thank four important people who walked into my life a few months ago.  The producer of 20% Theater, my director for Naked I: Insides Out, the actress who played “Femme”, and the actress who played “Butch”.

I was blown away by seeing my 2D words become 3D art.  And even thought my piece was a brief three minutes in a performance of two hours of amazing spoken word, I felt like my voice was heard.  I couldn’t have been more pleased as a small time blogger.  The responses I recieved were overwhelming and beautiful.  Hearing from complete strangers was a boost to my mission and my soul.

I have had many doubts as a writer.  I face my own insecurities and criticism.  I know that my work is far from award winning, but the heart I put behind it is geniune.  I have so much I want to say and I am so blessed that there are people who support my work and encourage me to push forward.

To all, thank you.




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