Truly Owned

Dear Butch,

There is a symbolic circle that represents a bond between two (or more, depending on your preference) people.  An important accessory that shows devotion, commitment, and dedication.

The collar.

To an outsider of the kink community, a collar on a human is seen as an insult or as a joke.  Either it is scene as a mockery of slavery or as an easy joke for those on the prude side of the scale.  Cuffs, rope, and dress ties are seen as fun to many; but bring up a collar and you can feel the judgement.

One can wear a collar for a one time kink adventure.  All you have to do is visit your local pet, hardware, or sex store and pick one up.  But to be collared, by a partner, is as monumental as becoming engaged.  For some there is a public ceremony, for others it is a private moment.  And the collar itself isn’t a quick pick up on the way home before the liquor store and after getting gas.  It was carefully chosen to either be worn twenty-four/seven or only during intimate moments.  It can be as simple as an everyday gold band or as complicated as bands of leather with polished buckles.  A physical representation of a sexual agreement between to consenting adults which involves profound levels of trust and allegiance.  The collar can heighten a sexual relationship, making a clear statement about who makes the rules and who follows them.

A collar is more then a political hot topic or a party joke.  For those who participate, it is a wedding ring with a lovely kinky undertone.  It is a safety net, rule enforcer, and proclamation of admiration.

Don’t knock it until you try it.




2 thoughts on “Truly Owned

  1. I never knew this, being outside most of the kink community.

    Thank you for sharing that. I’ll be more respectful of it in the future.

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