Five Minutes

Dear Butch,

Mid-party, either one you are hosting or one your attending, text your partner and ask them to meet you at the car, in the bathroom, or across the the backyard.  Make it sound urgent, but not an emergency.  Be vague and flirty.  When they arrive, tell them they either have five minutes to get off or they have five minutes to get you off (it is best to just choose one and to do so in advance).  Best to do this before either of you become to impaired.  Privacy is key in this situation, and knowing that your other half is down for the following: a quickie, public sex, and being forced to cum/being forced to get you off.  If they are the one to cum, tell them if they are unable to they will be left hanging for the rest of the night.  If they are to get you off and don’t in the time period allowed, tell them they will be (sexually) punished when you two return home.

It will be one of the hottest sexual adventures you will ever have.  The exhilarated feeling of fucking with a time limit, being forced to perform, and the risk of being caught raises the bar to a whole new kink level.  You both will experience all the wonderful endorphins benefits mixed with naughtiness, like bungee jumping with orgasms.

Ready to set your timer?




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