Dancing Ladies

Dear Butch,

I surprised my T-Rex with tickets to a burlesque show this weekend.  I wrapped the tickets in a new lace lingerie set I bought myself.  He opened the box, with a confused look on his face, wondering why he was receiving sexy ladies under-pinnings.  I told him I would be wearing them for our date this weekend, his ears perked up.  I then told him to look between the tissue paper and the bottom of the box where I placed the tickets, having to quickly explain that I would be in the audience and not on the stage.

Anticipation of sex, what a fucking powerful tool.

Not only will he be able to watch other women slowly strip in the most gorgeous fashion, but he will also have me at his side with the lacy demi-bra and cheeky panties hiding under my dress.  All five of his senses will be teased and stimulated, making his packer press hard against his fly.

Since I presented my love with his present, he hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of me.  I didn’t even put a pause on our sex life, as one might assume with a gift like this.  Sure, telling him I am off limits until post-show would have been a riot for me, it would of been extremely painful for my testosterone-filled man.  I love to watch him squirm, but not suffer.

May I suggest taking your love to a strip club, burlesque show, or other event where sweet tits and ass are on display.  Don’t shy away in fear, embrace the amazing naked human body.  Allow sexual tension to build.  Enjoy, knowing that your other half is choosing to go home with you at the end of the night.  And even more importantly, walking up with you in the morning.




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