Turning Red

Dear Butch,

I have found myself frustrated lately while shopping.  Some of my favorite products have for years been relative unknown and have gained in popularity recently, thus increasing the cost.  Self-tinting foundation.   Coconut oil.  Paddles.

Yes, paddles.

Ever since that series of “Grey” books came out, spanking implements prices have dramatically risen in price.  I had a slight hissy fit in my favorite kinky store recently about the fluffed prices on paddles.  I do understand that with demand comes the opportunity for individuals and companies to make a great profit; but for fucks sake, how much does a girl have to shell out for a decent spanking?!?

In general, that lack luster trio of literature has really hurt the notion of spanking.  Not only in the price influx, but also devalued the importance that spanking plays in many kinksters lives.  Where a twosome (or threesome or many some…) spank for sexual or therapeutic reasons, it is an action that is not taken lightly.  Spanking has a bad public image, but there needs to be a separation made between the the age groups.  Adult to adult spankings can be seen as a form of domestic violence and please know that I am not advocating for that behavior.  Consensual adult spanking can be erotic, therapeutic, or both.

The spanking in the “Grey” books has made a mockery of the intimate act.  Spanking, with hands or tools, is not for the light-hearted.  Sure a swat on the butt while fucking a lady from behind is fine, but when it comes to making spanking a serious part of your sex life you need to really sit down and have serious discussion about boundaries.  There could be past negative experiences, feelings of shame, old injuries, and immature headspace that could turn an adventurous night over the knee (or couch arm) into a nightmare.

Don’t believe everything you read.  Do a little research.



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