Mundane Missonary

Dear Butch,

The Missionary Position is like the macroni and cheese of karma sutra.  Comforting, famliar, and easy.  We all know it is bad for your body to eat one food everyday for weeks.  Well, it is just a bad or even worse for your sex life to be stuck on one position.

T-Rex and I have been stuck in “macaroni and cheese” sex land for weeks now.  With a combination of long days at work, big weekend commitments, and many life changes at once we just haven’t been able to escape “T-Rex on top”.  By the time we both make it to bed, together that is, and manage to muster enough energy to give the other the knowing glance we just have enough in us enjoy a lovely fuck.  But, we can’t seem to escape the same position.  Our sex life is amazing and kinky, but has lacked creatively lately.

It happens to all couples in a long term relationship at some point.  You are in the middle of getting nailed by your lovely lady when deja vu hits, “Haven’t I been in this position recently…a few times over?”   And not necessarily with the Missionary, it could happen with an twisting and tangling of limbs.  You and your partner find what works and it becomes a habit.  It is okay to be in a slump,  I had to convince myself of this the other day.  It doesn’t mean your sex life is dying or that your partner is losing interest, it means that life is happening in full force.

Leap off the the plateau of positions tonight (or tomorrow night, or this weekend…whenever works for you) and fuck in a different position.  Find inspiration online, in a sex store, or in one of those many lesbian sex guides you have next to the bed.

Skip the macaroni and cheese tonight and opt for something different.  T-rex and I will be having stir fry, yum!




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