Spicy Surprise

Dear Butch,

The element of surprise is becoming a lost art.  It is the unexpected moments that make us catch our breath, skip a beat, and become totally engrossed in the moment.  We love that feeling while reading or watching a movie, so why aren’t we doing it more in our sex lives.

I want to be kept on my toes and I am guessing your lady does as well.  The surprise doesn’t have to be big, expensive, or elaborate.  There is no need to send your partner ay for a day so you can build a sex dungeon in your basement, unless you are really into that and have mad carpentry skills.  Start small and simple.  Keep the surprise to an element of your sex life that you both really enjoy, for example: your other half really enjoys her nipples being played with hard.  Surprise her with a pair of nipple clamps.  Or if you two are kinky, tie her to bed and blindfold her.  Then turn up the tunes so she can’t hear you as you move around the bed, then go forth with the raunchy activities you both enjoy.

Pretty simple right!  Yet, so easy to forget as we all get wrapped up in the daily grind.

As you become more comfortable and capable of crating a sex surprise, up your game.  For example, have a trail of ribbon great your partner at the door with a note that says “Follow Me”.  Wind the ribbon around your home until it ends at the bedroom door, where instead you wait with roses and massage oil or handcuffs and a blindfold … whatever fits your lifestyle.  The investment is minimal, but the outcome is amazing.  If you two enjoy a public play, command your lady to wear a butt plug or keep a small remote control vibrator on her clit while at out for dinner, attending the opera, or cheering on your favorite sports team.  Build upward and onward as you both see fit.

Keep the your sex life spicy, one surprise at a time.




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