Flower Power

Dear Butch,

I hope others learn from your actions.

This weekend I watched as you walked into the restaurant I was at with a friend.  It was hard to miss you, clean modern crew cut and sharp navy blue blazer with brown elbow patches.  Your black glasses gave you an academic look, my thoughts went right to a role play involving a naughty school girl and a man teacher with a ruler.  I had to shake my head to clear the sexual fog.  You looked around, trying to find a familiar face.  As you turned away from us I noticed you had three distinct bunches of flowers in your soft leather work bag.  Each was a simple bouquet of monochromic flowers.  Of course my heart stated to pitter patter as hard as my clit.  Not only were you fucking hot but also a romantic.  You smiled and walked towards a gathering of tables, greeting a woman with a kiss on her cheek and then turning to the  rest of the party at the table, an older woman who looked like the mother of the woman you kissed and another younger woman who looked your ladies sister.  Your moments made it clear that you all had meet before, but that it is still new.  Not the relationship, but the involvement of family.  And then, you whipped out the dapper card.  You reached in your bag and pulled out the flowers.  The pink bouquet to your lady, the white bouquet to the mother, and the yellow bouquet to the sister.  All three woman were surprised in the most wonderful way.  I watched as the mother and sister smiled at your lady, the smile that women give when they are so excited but can not vocalize it.  The four of you then enjoyed a meal and laughter.

Spring is in the air, romance and flowers are in full bloom.  Make your lady smile.

Love, Femme


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