Inked Error

Dear Butch,

I know that you think it is a great idea to permanently imprint your partner’s name on your body.  As you said, “It is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment!”.  Well yes, it is a commitment that you will love…for now.

Maybe I am just a cynic.  Scratch that, I am a realist.

I get wanting to show your emotional blah blah blah.  You are young and hip, with the silly belief that your first (or maybe second) girlfriend is “the one”.  You celebrate each “month-a-versary” with pomp and circumstance.  You love each other, deeper and stronger then anyone else.  I have been in your cargo shorts, it is a wonderful feeling.  Hormones and flowers are flowing, until they don’t.

Women can cheat, lie, and be uber assholes.

I am not insulting you, your girlfriend, or your relationship.  What I am saying is that there is a really good chance you may not always want to remember this woman.  For example, when she cheats on you two months after you U-Haul because she thought that the living together bliss would magically fix her years of doubt.  Or when she stops to tell mid-fuck that she thinks you two should start seeing other people.

Okay, now I am being cynical.

I want to strongly suggest an alternative to a tattoo.  Get matching piercings, cell phone covers, bracelets, dildos, sweater vests, or cats.  All of these things can be removed quickly and with little pain.  A tattoo can not.  What seems like a wonderful idea now will most likely be a painful reminder later.  Even if you end in a very lesbian “mutual” way, do you really want your next lady to be seeing your ex’s name on your wrist as you are fisting her on your “month-a-versary”?  Hello, mood killer!

I love my T-Rex, but I also know that nothing in life is promised expect birth and death.  We have matching (non-wedding) rings and cookie cutters.  I can’t promise that he and I will be together forever, I do hope that, but I can promise that I will never regret our matching metal.

Shit happens, don’t tattoo.




2 thoughts on “Inked Error

  1. I’ve been legally married to my beautiful wife for 17 years…and no tattoo of her name anywhere on my body, the wedding band is enough

  2. That is awesome. I absolutely have my wife’s name with ‘forever’ tattooed beneath it on my forearm. Beneath that is a double venus, linked by an infinity symbol. Cheesy & cliche lesbianism. I got it done without her knowledge, which made it even better. This was about 4 years ago and we we’ve been married for almost 8. I may sound like a hypocrite, but I agree with you completely! Don’t do it! The fact that I even had it done amuses the crap out of me. I’m pretty impulsive, (which amuses me too). I figure I could always have ‘RIP’ tatted above her name if she ever leaves… Meanwhile, I don’t regret my decision, but matching bracelets and dildos sound like the safer choice.

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