Your Choice

Dear Butch,

I believe that a relationship is an on going adventure in choice.

A partner, no matter the level of commitment, should make choices each day concerning you.  From waking up in your arms to falling back asleep in them, it is all a choice.  Sure, there are times where that want may be more of a “I should” rather then a “I desire”, fights and disagreements happen.  But, when that desire fades is when your relationship is in trouble.  When you find yourself forcing yourself to do things that you know will only make your partner happy and not yourself, is when it is time to ask yourself a very hard question.

Leading your partner on for the sake of comfort or convince may work for you, but will hurt them harder in the long run.  Leading someone on, especially when a relationship is well established, is one of the worst forms of  emotional cruelty.  No one likes to hurt their loved ones, but think of the damage you are doing by moving forward with doubt.

The choice is yours.




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