Dear Butch,

I am going to start my month of “Happy” off with a bang…literally…

My T-Rex.

This month we will be celebrating two years together.  Two years of love, milestones, challenges, growth, struggles, adventures, and mind blowing sex.  I never thought I could be so in love with a single person until him.  He came back into my life when I was ready to give up on relationships all together, settling on finding happiness in a urban townhouse and a dog or two.

T-Rex has shaken every ideal and plan I thought I had when it came to a partner, and that is why I know he is the one for me.  He unearthed my type-A foundation with such power and grace that I was floored in the fabulous fashion.  He showed me that it was possible to fully love a single person without having to try and control the future.

As we grow and change as a couple, though his transition from female to male and my evolution as a lesbian now dating a man, I am constantly reminded on how blessed I have to have him as my partner.  He is solid and secure, as we guide each other equally forward into waters we never imagined.  I can only hope that I serve him with the same level of bravery and wisdom as he gives me.

To my darling T-Rex, I am so fucking in love with you.  No matter what happens, always and forever.




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