Dear Butch,

I find great joy in the taco.

And no, I am not using it as a metaphor for vagina, get your head out of the gutter you sick bastard.

There is something magical about the combination of foods.  The sautéed veggies, savory protein of choice, spicy salsa, fresh avocado or guacamole, smooth cheese, and the crisp lettuce and tomatoes.  Yes, I just had a food-gasm.  And then it is all contained in the most perfect food vessel, the shell, whether it is corn or flour.  Sorry, not a hard shell fan here.  The flavors mix with each bit, but still stand there own ground.  Each bite is even and perfect.

And then stretch past the traditional taco to different combinations.  BBQ chicken and coleslaw tacos.  Breakfast tacos.  Leftover Thanksgiving meal tacos.  Dessert tacos.  Oh the options make me melt.

So love a taco tonight in my honor.  It will make my heart so happy.




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