Dear Butch,

My office window faces another building, a beautiful old brink building, but still a building.  There is one tree in my sight line, I noticed today that I could finally see little sprouts of green on the tips of the branches.  Walking into work today everything seemed gray and brown, but leaving was an explosion of green.

The sun once again feels warm on my skin and I could smell fresh cut grass.  The tulips in the park were so rich and bright.  Kids were wearing shorts and biking.  The clouds were light and fluffy like cotton balls.  Cars had their windows rolled down and the radios turned up.  I felt like I was in a dream sequence.

After a long, cold, harsh, snowy, miserable winter…I was happy to be able to unclench my body from it’s penguin like pose and breath in deeply.  I feel like a fighter and a survivor of the elements.  My reward for my gallant efforts are now here and they smell so sweet.

Time to fucking frolic to an open bar patio.




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