Dear Butch,

I had an epic interal battle with myself this weekend.  Over dresses.

I am pretty sure I have enough dresses to last me a month, easy.  I have dresses in my closest that I probably haven’t even worn.  I have an addiction to making myself as presentable as possible, with hopes to camouflage my flaws and enhance my assets.

I started to casually look for a dress for a particular event in early fall.  I am officiating my first wedding and am looking for the perfect dress.  Black or purple, fancy but not over the top.  I am part of the wedding ceremony, but not part of the wedding party.  There is no handbook for this.  I know I have a few months, but I have had to rush shop for a special event before and it always turns out horrible.  With a general idea in mind, I start looking online.  Fancy lace dresses turn into causal maxi dresses turn in to dresses that are suitable for work but can be dressed down for weekends.

Like a binge televevions watcher, I can’t seem to help myself.  One click turns into another, I am putting dresses into online carts, trying to figure out which I should buy first.  Long forgotten is the officiating dress.  In this moment of controlled chaos and shopping, I am happy.  Imagining all the events, parties, and meetings I can attend while feeling fabulous in a dress that fits me like it was made for me.

There is nothing like dreaming in fabrics.



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