Dear Butch,

There is nothing like an early night in, snuggled into the covers, laptop fired up with your favorite porn pulled up, and a brand new sex toy in hand.

I recently got to enjoy this exquisite experience.  Like driving a new car or opening a new can of coffee, there is just something wonderful about brand new.  Knowing what to expect from experience, but the thrill of the unknown joy floating in the air.  Only good can come from this moment and it is so thrilling that you wait just one second more to fully soak in the fabulous anticipation.

And then, it happens.  The texture, the sound (or lack of), the pure ecstasy.  For me, it was a new vibe.  Playing with the settings in action opposed to in the store on the sample model gave me goose bumps.  I melted in and lost myself in orgasmic bliss.  It has been a long time since I have curled my toes like that during solo play, and curl I did until I got foot cramps.

Treat yourself t a new vibrator, dildo, anal plug, nipple clamps, lube, or other thrilling masturbatory tool.  Your naughty bits and toes will thank you.



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