Beyond the Cleavage

I am a femme queer woman.  I reside here, there, and everywhere.

I believe in and respect all spectrums of the butch/femme community, including those who do not fit in to it.  I also am a huge supporter of the bisexual and transgender community.

I do not speak for all in the femme community, just from my own pocket of it.  All postings are aimed at a particular butch, either who I know personally or have encountered briefly.

I have recently been a proud writer-contributor to the play series “Naked I: Insides Out” produced by 20% Theatre and featured in a story (on this play series) in Lavender Magazine, all located in Minneapolis, MN.

I can be contacted at or .

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Cleavage

  1. Go generic comment go! So…I threw you into my Versatile Blogger ‘award’. In other words, I like(a lot) what I read here, and I think other people will too. Smile or ignore this!

  2. HELLO Dear Butch, Love Femme,

    Just got intro’d to your blog via the fabulous ButchOnTap. I look forward to reading more of your pages! Also, have a blog called Butch/Femme Listings and would like to post a link to your blog on it – please let us know if you are ok with that (And/or have any other sites you’d like to see listed there!). Find it here:
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

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