Three Years

Dear Butch,

Three years ago today I sat down and wrote my first blog posting.  Three years seems like a lifetime away.

I have abandoned you all for several months now.  Many have reached out in support, love, and encouragement.  Too all of you, my heart thanks you.  I had to take some time this summer to heal, grieve, and figure out the mess that I was left after my breakup with T-Rex…which I must congratulate him on his recent engagement, if he is in fact still reading this.

My world is slowly piecing back together.  I have traveled, drank, and cried.  I put all of my remnants of T-Rex away in a box and burned sage in my apartment.  I got my first tattoo and officiated a wedding.  I danced with friends four nights in a row over Pride weekend.  I did more yoga then I care to admit.  I ate great meals with friends and family.  I learned that I could breath without my heart hurting.

I don’t have my shit together, but at least it feels less scattered.

I finally feel l like I have something to say that doesn’t involve T-Rex.  I have a whole collection of stories to share, advice to hand out, and a major interview coming up.  I want to rediscover my voice and have it gain epic strengthen.  I just want to move forward.  I need to move forward.

Please, take me back.



9 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Welcome back!!!
    You were missed. I’m eager and will do my best to patiently wait for the stories of strength that you have. Your words always made my Wednesday’s and Sunday’s better and some days even mean something. I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog post pop up on my feed. Congratulations on getting back on the very tall and sometimes hard to control horse that is writing. As always, I hope you are well.
    Much love,
    from NOLA.

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